Student Information System

Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson joined the Jackson County School System central office staff in August 2015 as Director of SIS and Instructional Technology.  Formerly the CEO of SSUI/K12 Solutions Group, she worked in the education field in the area of administrative software development and implementation for more than 25 years. A native of Georgia, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Tift College of Mercer University, majoring in biology, chemistry and computer science.  She and her husband, Robin, live in the East Jackson community and are the proud parents of successful honor graduates of the Jackson County School System.


The management of student information is critical to the operation of the Jackson County School System, and parents/guardians play a vital role in its accuracy.

Our student information managment system, Infinite Campus, details student contact information, enrollment data, and grades. It coordinates with software used for transportation, technology access, and personalized learning. It provides ….

Teresa Dearman and Martha Wilson

Teresa Dearman, left, and Martha Wilson are the two central office staff members most closely involved with registration and transfer processes for our students and their families.

Parents as partners

It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide accurate information when enrolling a child in the school system and to keep student contact information up to date.

Online access to Infinite Campus through the parent portal makes it possible to monitor your child’s progress and verify the accuracy of contact information. If you have not yet registered for the site or are having trouble with access, contact …


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Data matters

It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide accurate information when enrolling a student, to notify the school immediately if the child’s address changes, and to ensure all contact information is up to date.

  • If you change your phone number or email addresscontact your child’s school with the new information as soon as possible. 
  • If you move within your school’s attendance zone, please contact your child’s school to update your address and contact information.
  • If you move to another JCSS school’s attendance zone, please follow the instructions on the Registration Information page.
  •  If your child rides the bus, the school will help with routing information and will print out the new information for the bus driver. In the interests of safety, a handwritten note to the driver cannot be accepted; the information must come from the school to the driver.
  • If you need assistance identifying the new bus stop location and schedule, find more information on the Transportation page.