Use of School Facililties

The Jackson County Board of Education is responsible for the title, custody and care of all school buildings and the property on which the buildings are located. The board is charged with stewardship of these assets in the ways that will best serve the interest of the public schools.

The superintendent determines when and under what conditions school facilities shall be made available for the public, non-school related purposes. When used for non-school related activities, a system employee must be present unless the school principal determines this to be unnecessary, and the cost of that employee must be paid by the user.

All requests to use these facilities should be directed to the principal of the building, and only Jackson County residents can sponsor requests.

Download the Facility Use Request Form for additional information; it also includes the applicaton that must be submitted, the current description of facilities, and the fee schedule.

School-sponsored activities always have first priority, followed by groups that are a logical extension of the educational process and the purpose of the school system, such as PTOs and booster clubs.

The superintendent can lease school system facilities to members of the public for fees to be determined by the superintendent, subject to Board approval, for terms no longer than one year.